Jewellery salon

True wealth means encounter. This motto is our basis für the invitation to our jewellery salon. Our house is open for everyone that values encounters – for conversations in our salon, during the work in our „open studio“ or when you are searching for a special piece of jewellery and we try to design it for you. Jewellery has always been a symbol for playing with all senses, human interaction as well as for communication and appeal.

Ann Charlotte und Wolf-Peter Schwarz

Come in. Exchange ideas. Chink glasses.

With our invitation to the art salon conversations we want to spur ideas and give room and time for arts, politics, philosophy -and your individual point of view. We are looking forward to spending time with you. The art salon conversations take place on saturdays. We will gladly inform you about the definate dates. Simply fill in our online contact form with the subject „art salon conversations“.


The jewellery station

Collages by Ann-Charlotte Schwarz

Family histories and other stories are the main topic of Ann-Charlotte Schwarz’ large-scale collages. She is a true master of compositons and shows us in her visual narratives illustrous people, places and events of her life. Ann-Charlotte’s style is characterized by the typical Swedish sense of humour as well as her virtuous work with paper and textiles, drawing or painting…
Apart from that we have to mention her legendary jewellery decorations from our former studio. For special occasions, Ann-Charlotte Schwarz gives an insight into her numerous works you can find in our half-timber house. Please just ask for it!

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Ann-Charlotte Schwarz

How to get your personal piece of jewellery.

In our open jewellery studio you can create your piece of jewellery on your own. Passionate designers from our salon will support you while you can create your jewel with your own hands. Exchanging ideas directly with you, we will work your jewellery and realize your own unicum full of charcater. You can for example take our concept „open-hearted“ as a basis. Let yourself be inspired and discover all the possibilities.

Open jewellery studio
We also offer to open our studio for groups with up to six participants. Please just call us for any further information on our procedure, timeframe and prices.


Das offene Schmuck-Atelier